Melbourne: The packing

Wearing most of what we were going to wear all week on the train, packing of clothes was pretty minimal.  It was also winter, so clothes don't get as hot and sweaty, so we could wear things lots of times and just rinse out our smalls every night.  It was DAMN cold, so if you are heading to Melbourne in the wintry months, take some warm, warm, warm things.

Little Miss O: PJs, raincoat, 2 x tights, 2 x long-sleeved tshirts, culottes, trainers and dressing gown (not pictured undies and woolly slipper socks).  Little Miss O ended up wearing her boots all week, so the trainers were not necessary and the raincoat was a bit redundant seeing as she had a water-proof-ish coat.

Me: Trainers, black jeans, grey jumper, 1 x bra, 3 x undies, 3 x socks (some of which worn on the train), two black singlets and pyjamas (thermal singlet and woolly slipper socks not pictured).  I wore all of these except the singlets - I stuck to long-sleeved thermals, thanks very much!

We also had toiletries and our day packs with "necessities"

Little Miss O packed relatively light. We ended up being too busy and thus too tired at night to do much reading or playing checkers....

I carried a lot more stuff - most of which we actually used.  Watercolours did not get a look in again - nor did the book but that was mainly because I found a Johnny Cash biography that I really wanted to read.  We were a bit slack on the KeepCup use, I am ashamed to admit, but the ecobags got a workout.  We did a lot less room picnicking this time, which meant lots of yummy restaurant meals, but it also meant much more budget blow out, and we didn't use our plates, cutlery etc. much.  Might turn that around a bit next time....Having hotel picnics can save a bit on holiday spending, and it gives us an excuse to eat in bed.  Nice.


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