The Cushions that Took Over the World

It could be said that I have too many cushions in my house.  It would probably be true.  However, for me, a cushion is a perfect canvas for all sorts of fabulousity.  And yes, I know that is not a word.  Thank you, autocorrect.  You can whack a bit of cross stitch on there or appliqué or a great tray cloth or just showcase a wonderful piece of fabric.  There's also great potential for trim usage.  Love them.

They are however, taking over my house and in combo with my knitting bags, tapestry pictures and crochet rugs etc. it is beginning to look like a full nanna's place.  Hehe.

How great is this Frida Kahlo fabric? I got it from the website.

And then of course, if finally, the cushions DO take over your home, then you can start selling them on Etsy.


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