Organising Little Miss O

Little Miss O has a lot of stuff.  And a lot of it gets forgotten because it is out of sight.  I am trying to make her things more accessible, yet at the same time not look like utter chaos.  First world problems.

Today, I did something unspeakable - I went to Kmart.  I just went for some hooks.  Err, but I came back with some completely different hooks and a shadow box.  It could have been worse.  There was a lot of stationery that I was fondling.  And I held a few picture frames.

The hooks are a work in progress.  I rushed into painting them and I don't like what I have done, so I may have to rethink them.  They look...pretty amateur.  The shadow box however, has turned out rather nicely.  I put some hooks in to hang her necklaces and one in the side for her bracelets.  Don't look too closely to see where I put some in the wrong spot.  Nor where the screw end came through the other side, so I had to cover the holes with washi.  Hm.  Note to self - DON'T RUSH.

And today, I was Bad Mother and sent her to school in the wrong uniform.  I am also keen to get her to practise reading and to be more independent, so I have turned the magnetic side of her easel into a little noticeboard where she can put up every day what is going on.  I just need to make a little something to hang off the easel to store the magnets.  What do you think?  Is this going to revolutionise our household?  


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