Organising Little Miss O Part 2

My little is becoming such a big these days.  Sigh.  It's so wonderful to watch her grow and learn to do new things (who thought counting by fives could be so exciting?), but ....oh so fast.

Anyway - I'm hoping that having little bits of organisation in her room will help us to have more time to play and create and snuggle and less time running around trying to find misplaced items or yelling because there are things everywhere!

Today, the hooks went up.  I did initially try to paint a funky pattern on them, but it looked so fugly that I had to go for another option.  This is just a modpodge and wrapping paper arrangement and quite bumpy up close, but it looks cute and she is thrilled with her reachable hooks, especially as they are double ones.  Apparently, she is very fond of a double hook.  Well, I never.

Having things within reach is really important for helping kids access things independently and also tidy up independently.  Our favourite is Little Miss O's dustpan and brush set.  They are hung low in the cleaning cupboard, so she can grab them easily when the need arises.  And damn it if she doesn't like a bit of sweeping things up.  Terrific.


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