Home travelling - Turkey

If I didn't think I would do her in within the first three hours, I would seriously consider home-schooling Little Miss O.  It would be so much fun.  Probably.  Maybe.  To fill in the gaps, or more to the point, to provide her with the education I would like her to have, I have decided to do interesting things in the time we do have, and so I have started a little home travelling programme.

What is home travelling?  It's where we pick a country (we have chosen Turkey) and at our leisure and until we get bored of the subject, we are going to explore it.  Things to look at include:the music (check out the library or Youtube), language (grab some CDs at the library), food (lots of great recipes on the net), art, history, religion etc. (we picked up some interesting travel guides and picture books at the opshop) of that place.  So, tonight, we began with a bit of Turkish flatbread and broad beans in tomato sauce with lovely thick yoghurt and Berlitz's Turkish travel guide, which we attempted to repeat after the model.  Mostly, we failed miserably.  However, it was jolly good fun.  Tomorrow - Turkish brekky and an attempt at another Turkish dinner.  I shall dig out some Turkish music and see if we can't find a Turkish bed time story.

İyi geceler.


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