Perfect Products Part 1

Just so you know - nobody is paying me, giving me free stuff, sponsoring me, asking me to fancy parties or really ANY fun stuff to post about these.  Sigh.

It's my aim this year to do everything with as much integrity as I can, and so far, I am doing okaaaaay.  I always feel like I am one step forward, one step back, but at least today I organised my fridge door to be an information source (chores, shopping list, to do list and soon menu plan) rather than a bit of a mess. But another of my projects is making sure that I make purchases with integrity, and in my experience, that requires organisation and planning.  I am on it.

I would like to bring to you the first three purchases that I have researched and found to be in line with at least some of my ethical requirements.  If you do find otherwise, please, please let me know, and of course, I am always up for recommendations.

1) Every Bit Organic Raw Organic Rosewater

I am addicted to rosewater.  I spray it on my face to wake me up, I spray it over my made-up face to
give it a bit of glow, I spray it on my face to cool it down, I spray it on my daughter, I spray it in my hair.  LOVE.  I used to buy the stuff from the supermarket, but I really wanted Australian-owned and organic and although it is more expensive, I went for it.

Australian-owned, certified organic, packaged in glass (no box or any rubbish like that), palm-oil-free, vegan, cruelty-free.

Purchased from here:

2) Inika Blonde Bombshell eyebrow pencil

I've always been a bit eyebrow obsessed (I know - get a life), so I was rather excited to discover the wonders of eyebrow pencils.  Such definition to one's pale little face.  Yay.

Australian-owned, possibly Australian-made (not all their products are), organic, RSPO-certified palm oil (only in their pencils apparently - the rest are palm-oil free),  low toxin, cruelty free and vegan.  The pencil came in a box which was annoying - could do without that.  

3) Niugini Organics Lemongrass Soap

This soap smells like Icy Poles.  YUM.  Icy Poles are bad for you, but this soap isn't.  Hooray. Organic, fair trade, recyclable packaging, palm oil free, sustainable, ethical company which gives back, low toxin, vegan, nano-particle free.

Available all over the web.  Do a search to get the best price and shipping deal.


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