Perfect Products Part 2

A couple more products that I am going to suggest people try.  Again - t'ain't no-one giving me anything for telling you about these - and I am certainly paying for the items myself with my own cash, which, incidentally, seems to be running a bit low at the moment.  Sigh.

Above we have Every Bit Organic Rosehip Oil.  Australian-owned company, glass container, vegan, organic and palm-oil-free.  I use rose hip oil as a facial moisturiser.  I mix it with my BB cream to make a lighter, less drying formula and I put in on my neck and chest.  And hands.  The price also compares well to other rose hip oils on the market AND their customer service was great. Get it here.

And below, we have Who Gives a Crap?  toilet paper.  Australian-owned, recycled and giving back - 50% of profits go to WaterAid.  Nice one.  Get it here.


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