Dress up storage

Woah nelly!  There is a lot of out there stuff for kids available - really ridiculous and overpriced and just...well...overdone in my opinion.  I am terrified of all these pinterest kids' rooms and instagram children.  Ugh. Anyway.  Be that as it may, Little Miss O's room needs to be cute and functional - a space where she can play and create and dream.  And be tidy.  Not always things that go together.

She has been handed down and given quite a number of dress up outfits which were stuffed into various different parts of the house, some quite inaccessible, really.  So, now that there is this wonderful new cubby space under her raised bed, the opportunities for dress up storage just got better.  A bit of garden twine (thanks grandad) and some wooden pegs that I had hanging around from markets I used to do and hey ho - dress-ups.

If you want to be truly terrified about what the world is coming to - google dress up storage, there are custom made wardrobes.  For dress-up clothes.  And if you want to be really and truly terrified, google pixie curtis.


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