A Haaaaaaandbaaaag!!!??

So - the zip on my fave bag broke again - very inconvenient seeing as I only had it fixed let's say 6 months ago.  Will be talking to the shoe repair man about that.  Don't really have the spare readies to get it fixed again at the moment.  In the meantime, I need a hands-free not too heavy bag that holds a lot of stuff but is not massive.

So I made one.

It's a little skewiff -  I cut it freehand and did it late at night, but I am very pleased with my interior zipped pocket...check it out people!  I had all the random bits and pieces lying around at home (as one does) - leather was from a skirt I turned into another skirt and the fabrics are from Japan and the Lincraft Dee Why closing down sale.  The hardware I had to make a bag for someone else, sorry - that project is delayed.  Anyway - it's a bag.  I didn't need to lay out any more cash for it.  And did I mention that interior zip pocket?


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