Vegan ramen!

Woohoo!  I have become a bit more paranoid about animal products these days - even going for vegan lollies for Little Miss O's party sweet bags.  Gelatine.  Ewww.  I never get to eat ramen in Japan anyway as there are usually crunking great lumps of pork in it and of course, meat based soup. In the past, a meat based soup didn't bother me so much, but these days, it does.  SO - imagine my delight when I discovered Cafe the 6BT on my way to the National Art Centre Tokyo ( to see the incredible Niki de Saint Phalle show).

We had the vegan soy milk tan-tan noodle which was just spicy enough to raise a light sweat but no pain or tears.  Haha.  I love chilli but have a low spice threshold (tragedy).  Crunchy sesame-y bits, plenty of noodles and a soy-milk based sauce.  Delicious.  We also tried out the choc chip scone which was delicious if a little crumbly.  The organic coffee was disappointing - it tasted like coffee flavoured water and reminded me of coffee made in a filter jug and left to sit all day.  Avoid it, but definitely go for the food.  YUM.  Ha - despite being about health/sugar free and so on - they do have an all you can drink for 60 mins or 90 mins set.  No need to be completely puritan, folks.

We stuck around long enough to see the illuminations in Tokyo Midtown.  So pretty.


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