More Joy of Japan

Eww - that sounds a bit like that creepy seventies' Joy of Sex book... ah well....

Let me state that generally speaking (and let's say possibly also theoretically, if the truth be told!) I am opposed to sugar, although I crave it quite often.  And eat it even more often.  Ooops.  Hence the use of the word theoretically.  And yeah, yeah, I know - I am going to cut down.  I am.  Really.  So - I know it's satan's curse or something of the kind, and I am also definitely against excessive packaging, but seriously, what can you do in the face of the kawaiiiii?

For the record, the above are not for me.    They are for care packages.  I swear.

And for me, the bonus of finding a "pop-up" (just so I can make myself cringe by using that word) junk store in the town today with a big, beautiful kokeshi for 300 yen.

I can definitely feel some kokeshi-based crafts coming on.


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