Handmade heaven

Little Miss O and I were in Nippori today, which is always a little bit deadly for the bank account but super inspiring for the creative miiiind.  And a bit devastating when one finds out how much extra one paid for fabric NOT bought at Tomato.  Sigh.  ANYWAY.

We spotted this little cupboard house in the middle of Nippori station full of handmade bears....

Or are they monkeys?  Not sure.  Anyway - they were there - SO many, but I could not read the signage so I have no idea why they were there.  However, we had a happy time deciding which one might be our favourite.

And we bought some fabric;

Four pieces are already lined up for summer clothes for work in Jan/Feb (two dresses and two blouses - pics of patterns to come anon)..and I quite fancy a hat made out of that lemon print.  The Little Twin Stars was Little Miss O's selection.  I tried to convince her to at least go for classic Hello Kitty in funky reds and blues and yellows, but she was having none of it.  What can you do?


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