Sewing for kids: Summer threads

In my previous post, I mentioned my love of trousers and this applies for Little Miss O as well.  So much easier to climb, run, play and dance and all the other things little dudes should be doing when you have a pair of pants on.  I made these a while ago from a vintage pattern (will post which one later when I make the shorts version) and finally got around to putting in the elastic.  

I changed the straps to ties for easy adjusting.  She loves them and they definitely have a lot of funk value.  Woohoo.  The fabric is from Tomato in Nippori, Tokyo.

I also got around to doing the elastic for these cute little short/bloomers.  I love these.  Especially....

....the cute little bows at the hems.  Fabric from the church opshop.  It's a Japanese pattern that I cut from a pattern book a while ago.  Will have to borrow it from the library again and cut the next size!


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