Sewing for kids: Romper for cycling (and other adventures)

Fabrics.  Fabrics.  Fabrics.  I am totally obsessed with them and just want to sew all day long.  If only.

Anyway.  I ignored the housework today and raced through the rest of my marking to get to do a bit of sewing today.  I decided to use one of the pieces of fabric I got from (I love you!) recently.  Such cute bicycles and bluebirds of happiness.  This will be the prefect outfit for Little Miss O to cycle in on her new bike that Santa might be bringing for Christmas (note - must get down to bike shop and make sure they have one - a blue and white Malvern Star.  None of this pink shit.)

I digress. This is the pattern that I used for the romper and the jumpsuit I did earlier...

I added a bit of length in the body as Little Miss O seems to be long-bodied like my good self, so we don't want any puling upwards.  Most uncomfortable.  So.  I also elasticised the legs at the bottom for a cute look and made ties at the shoulders rather than plain straps.

Miraculously out of a yard, there is still enough at the end for a cute skirt for someone.


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