Samsara Project: Old pants to new shorts

Honestly, I am not so great at summer clothing.  Nor workwear.  I think mainly because I like jeans and black - jeans not making great workwear and black not making good summer outfits.  Ah well.  In addition, skirts and dresses are not really my bag anymore.  Mainly because I want freedom of movement to sit on the grass, jump around, ride a bike and all the other stuff that skirts are a pain in the arse for.  So.  And I shouldn't end sentences with a preposition.

So - I snapped up these French Connection pants for a whopping $2 at the Lifeline the other day, and I have shortened them into longish shorts, cropped trousers - take your pick.

(they don't look so faded, really - I wouldn't have bought anything so worn!)

I turned the cuffs outside for extra interest.  I think they will look cool with my new shoes that have holes all over them and a white top - got a cool Zara one from the Lifeline recently.  Am also visiting my fave clothes shopping Vinnies tomorrow, so may find a few other good tops.  Am also still searching for some tight black pants.  Cigarette pants, I guess.  Like skinny jeans, but not jeans.


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