Kids' party pack idea

At parties, I am all in favour of giving kids their food in a convenient container and letting them go for it at their own pace.  I am also vehemently against cheap plastic party favours.  I LOATHE them.   So...each year, I try to think of something that the kids can really use and that isn't plastic.  A couple of years ago, I sewed little bags for everyone which could be used as handbags for the girls or shoe bags or something.  Last year, it was sushi mats and chopsticks after they learnt how to roll sushi.  This year - flower pots and seeds so they can grow their own parsley.

Inside, I put a bag of vegan lollies, a bag of popcorn, a packet of seeds and two mini mandarins.  Enough food for any party go-er (especially after they had polished off all the fairy bread!).


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