Japan in winter - packing list

Am taking Little Miss O back to the good ole Land of the Rising Sun to see her dad.  It's going to be winter - a season I am actually not really good at packing for as I haven't done it much.   I've tried to keep it pretty simple but also with the idea in mind that it's going to take longer for clothes to dry after I wash them (but also they won't need to be washed so often as I won't be so sweeeeeaaaaaty. Mmm.  Nice.  )Here's what I've got so far;

Secondhand Levi's flannel shirt

Secondhand Vision Streetwear sweatshirt

Secondhand Sass and Bide skinny jeans

Thermal top

Long-sleeved thin top for layering

Secondhand Sass and Bide skinny jeans (black)

Beanie - I LOVE this colour

Teal leather gloves.  I also love this colour

Grey Gorman scarf

Silk frilled shirt

4 x socks including nice thick warm ones

My big thick duffle coat

Secondhand leather bomber jacket


Exercise outfits x 2

Knee high slouchy boots

Not pictured - trainers, 2 x bras and 5 x undies.


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