Fabric score.

Hm.  I use opshops sort of like department stores, really and always go into them with a list of things in my head.  Today, I was looking for books about Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala and clothes suitable for wearing in the jungle as well as some tight black trousers for work.  None of these things turned up today, but....I did score some excellent fabric.  Because, you know, I don't have any.  Eherm.

The red is Japanese fabric and the pink and grey seems to be a Liberty (I got about 3 metres of it for $4).  I checked on the Google and yeah, it seems to be Liberty fabric.  Feels like Liberty.  Has  Liberty-esque print.  I love the bright turquoise of the floral fabric and the navy spot with daisies will sew up into a sweet skirt for Little Miss O, I think.  There's plenty of fabric there, and I spent $14.  

Got to love upshots.  However, the highlight of the day by faaaaaar was seeing my beautiful girl in her first ballet concert.  Beyond proud.


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