Warmer weather means picnics

Oh man.  I often wonder why people shop at regular shops.  OK - yes, I have been known to as well - especially for shoes and underwear....but honestly, I cannot understand people who don't op shop.  I am kind of glad there are people who don't as that leaves more glorious wonders for me to discover.

Little Miss O spotted this lovely (ten bucks) and as she is quite mad for picnics, insisted that we take it home and love it.  With those oh so colour co-ordinated plates and cups and fabulous gingham lining, how could I resist? It's not so fancy, but then neither are we and with our own napkins added, is already looking quite fab.  A vintage tablecloth, our cutlery, a thermos borrowed from grandma and containers with delicious treats, and we will be set to go.  It might even fit in the bike basket.  I shall take it out next weekend if the weather is fine. And then of course, Little Miss O was adamant that afternoon tea should be taken alfresco....Lamingtons, please!

While we were out, we also found this lovely little pot to bring home too.  Of course, I only went to the chazzie to see if they had a pair of tight black trousers for work....God, it was grim shifting through all the fast fashion...racks of it...and a dumpster and several supermarket trolleys.  And that's one chaz shop in one suburb on one city...Sigh.


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