Adelaide - the fab opshops and markets - Unley Road and Glen Osmond Road

We also took a look down Unley Road and Glen Osmond Road which had a real mix of styles.  The Rotary (below) on Unley Road might have been my favourite just because it retains such a proper opshop style - even the building was right.  Little Miss O was in the middle of a "moment" at this point, so I didn't have much of a chance for heavy sifting, but I did manage to get some pretties including a quilted jacket for the fiend herself.

Loving this cute minty green cross-stitch dog...

....and the lurid colours and scalloped edges of the postcards.

Upon entering this Vinnies on Glen Osmond Road, Little Miss O was very surprised to find that it was a charity shop - it is very beautifully done and yes, looks nothing like the usual oppie.  For that reason, I wasn't really feeling it.  I am an opshop traditionalist and like a smidgeon of dust and disorder - it makes the treasure hunt that little bit more authentic.  A lot of the stock here seemed to be at the smaller end of the size ranges and to be honest, everything was at least $5 more than I would pay.  I know $5 is not much in the long run, but still...

The Choices across the street was much smaller and had a limited selection but I managed to pick up a couple of nice tops;

This Levi's Red Tab shirt was a bit pricey at $12 but it's lovely and soft and comfy and goes really well with my $10.25 Current Elliott jeans.  Yay!

While on our hunt, we topped at a newly opened record store, where out of a whole pile of records that I didn't have the energy to shift through in their entirety, Little Miss O and I found a double LP of French tuuuuuunes.

We paused for refreshment at Bar 9 on Glen Osmond Road which had received rave reviews online, but did not float my boat at all.  The coffee was better than average, but not mind-blowing and to be honest, a bit tepid, and the place was really lacking in atmos. Disappointing.

We stopped for lunch at Rosey's on Unley Road which was bloody awesome.   They were super helpful with Little Miss O's allergies and my baked mushrooms were so savoury-delicious.  Plus we got to sit in a little bay window and watch the world go by.

Our final stop was a Salvos - another old school number off Unley Road on Maude St. By this time, Little Miss O was over it and in fact, so was I a little, so no treasures were dug up.


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