Adelaide - the fab opshops and markets - Salvos WHitmore Square

While in Radelaide, Little Miss O and I hit up the opshops as much as we could...or as much as Little Miss O could bear.  Our first stop was the Salvos on Whitmore Square, which turned up some excellent treasures including a Sobral multi-coloured resin bangle which I love because it looks like lollies.  It was quite a large opshop with some furniture and a decent amount of clothing.  The bric-a-brac when I was there was pretty ho-hum, but I did score a beautiful piece of Fifth Avenue fabric.  There was a half price sale on certain tag colours, so my David Lawrence blazer for work worked out to be pretty reasonable at $15.  I don't think I would have paid $30 for it - although they retail at around $250.  I'm just tight.  Haha.  And - perhaps my favourite find for the whole trip - a pair of great Current Elliott skinny jeans.  I had no idea what Current Elliott was, but I liked the colour and fit, so I bought them for $10.25.  Perfect weight and colour for spring and into summer.  YES!

The St Luke's opshop across the road was totally old school and didn't turn up any treasures, but as with all oppies, it's always worth a look.


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