Packing for RADelaide: In transit

Little Miss O and I are off on a jaunt to Adelaide soon, so of course, packing is taking place.  Jetstar only allows 7kg each on flight which at the moment is no problem as I have about 6kg and she has about 3kg BUT I have decided to pay for check in baggage (the minimum of 15kg) as I will have some books etc. to bring to do some work at night when Little Miss O is sleeping etc.  And I think some of our liquids are too big.  Although I am still keen to whittle my packing down to where I always carry on, it's more from the point of practicality rather than really having any problem with waiting for bags.  But I shall still continue to perfect the art.

A lot of this will probably look familiar (hey - if you are onto a good thing, stick to it!) and I really must get my bottom in gear to do a big wardrobe clean out via the packing party as I know I am not wearing all my clothes.... but I digress...

 What I am wearing in transit:

Dark skinny jeans, stripey top, beige cardi (if it is cold when we leave Sydney, I might pop a leather jacket over the top), underwear...

...a navy scarf... Converse and...

Two rings, earrings and a necklace (my jewellery for the week).


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