Packing for RADelaide: In the bag

And here's what I am taking in the bag.  As we are only there for a week, I am not planning on washing more than once if I can help it just to top up on undies and so on, so am taking a couple more tops than usual - or at least that's what it feels like.  

A rather wide selection of tops, actually.  Might do a cull..but then again, might not, and if I don't, I will definitely take not of what I do and don't wear.  My bag is under 5.5 kg at the moment (haven't added the potions which might jack it up a bit) and that's including my eco bits such as re-useable coffee cups etc. and presents for my cousin for her birthday. Adelaide is generally dry and it is set to be hot, so I am hoping that drying my washing won't be a problem.  These are all cotton tops, so they are not as quick dry as  

The mercury is set to soar into the early thirties (celsius, people!) so I have packed my trusty culottes just in case I can't take being in jeans anymore.

A spare pair of jeans in case anything happens to the ones I am already wearing.  Little Miss O does spill things, spew etc. from time to time... I have given up on packing dresses as I very rarely wear them anyway.

Going to bust it out to Jillian Michaels every day as am trying to lose a couple of kilos...or am bringing a basic work out outfit (and a sports bra)

Sandals for the hot weather.  Experience has taught me that two pairs of shoes is plenty.  Converse and then something else depending on the weather.

Very unsexy PJs.  Actually - I usually don't take PJs, so I might rethink these.

Hat for sun protection

Brolly for sun or rain protection

Not pictured; sports bra, white bra, two pairs white undies, two pairs mini socks, two pairs regular socks, three white singlets.  Last time I went travelling, I decided only to take sports bras next time, but I need to get white ones, will be sticking with regular bras for this trip.

I am also taking:

Coffee plunger
Reuseable coffee cups
Picnic rolls
Eco bags
Chargers and such
A book
A pen
Water bottle
Potions and lotions including basics like deodorant and shampoo bar, sunscreen etc. as well as a couple of extras like tea tree oil and pawpaw cream and then a tiny bit of make-up. Still got to work on this area, I feel.

Tomorrow, if I have time, I will show you what Little Miss O has got packed.


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