Making it from scratch: Tortilla

Oh man - I have never eaten tortilla before.  I mean, I have.  But I haven't every eaten homemade tortilla made from masa harina before. A revelation, my friends.  So tasty.  And so simple!  We had them with a little smoked salmon, guacamole, tomato and onion salsa, yoghurt and rocket.  SO.  FREAKIN'. GOOD.

Pity about the tortilla press I bought myself as a birthday present which is a piece of rubbish.  The metal started to shred itself as I was using it, sending tiny bits of metal all over the place...and rendering the thing basically unable to be used.  It makes me SO angry when manufacturers sell things of a sub-standard quality.  When I buy something, I want it to be something that lasts...not something that starts to disintegrate at the first use.    Davis and Waddell, shame on you.


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