Making it from scratch: Pasta (and pesto!)

Not much in the cupboards today as Friday looms a little closer (that's Beaches market day!) so the head of broccoli wallowing lonesome in the veggie bin inspired me to make a broccoli pesto.  Oh.  But no pasta.  So I made some.

I used this recipe.  I made up half the recipe quantity and then halved that again.  One half I used tonight, the other half, I cut into rectangle-y lasagne type arrangements.  I actually don't have a food processor, so I just combined it with a fork and then my hands.  Then I rolled it  - but maybe not thin enough? - and cut it freehand with a knife.

It cooked up well, didn't fall apart and so on.  It was quite different from the dried stuff from the supermarket (derrr...say the foodies).  Chewy.  Thick. Quite satisfying, actually.  I reckon it would be awesome with a lovely rich lentil bolognese with lashings of parmesan and a glass of red.


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