Coastal walks: Spit to Balmoral (and back)

Yet another section of my walk done.  Hooray!  One day, I want to do the 50km all in one one for the coast challenge or whatever it is called. Today, it was the Spit to Balmoral, so we walked from a mate's place in Seaforth to Balmoral.  Scrambled would be more like it as a lot of it was over the rocks right on the shoreline.  Not sure if we were going the right way.  It was certainly very beautiful with amazing rock formations and so many fascinating creatures living in the rock pools, but it was difficult at times and yes, perhaps not recommended, for safety reasons.  I'd be interested to know what the correct route is, or maybe it's easier when the tide is out a bit more?

Regardless, Sydney turned on an absolutely cracking day - blue skies and 24 degrees.  Perfect.


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