Bad 80s singlet top

There were so many good things about the 80s (The Smiths, John Hughes films, double layer neon studded belts, fishnet fingerless gloves, polka dot taffeta, synthesisers, Depeche Mode, New Wave, pirate-esque ensembles à la Adam and the Ants...I could go on for hours)....including slouchy clothing.  I love slouch.  I love a bit oversized, a bit off the shoulder, a bit bunched up.  That's what attracted me to this pattern....

High tops!  Pants bunched around the ankles!  Big hair! Casual sporty slouchiness!  Love it all.  Last night, I felt like making something quick and dirty, so I got out some fabric that I bought in Bendigo for I don't know, let's say $3.00 at the maximum and made the singlet....

Check that bad 80s fabric.  Tropical motifs.  Slightly graffiti-esque style.  Pastel.  Stripes.  Khaki.  Woohoo.  It IS oversized, but I think it might work with some skinny jeans (I really am on the lookout for some spray-on type ones), a smaller singlet underneath, sandals and a hat. Ooh..and my basket-y handbag with the studded detail.   I used the size 14 as that was what was cut out on the pattern already - maybe the 12 would have been better as it is very gape-y and long right now - although the singlet underneath might bring it together.  I used a regular machine with a stretch needle and stretch stitch and it sewed up nicely.  I also used bias at the neck and the armholes to add a bit of support.  I might not next time as this does make them a little stiff.  

"...and I am a material girl..."


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