Today, I didn't go to...the supermarket

..well, to tell the truth, actually I did.  BUT I also went to the French's Forest Farmers' Market for the first time...FINALLY.

It was full of great things....the breads looked SO delicious and there was a pain au chocolat that was screaming to me.  Lots of lovely veggies and fruit.  Music.  Good smelling brekkies being cooked up.  I liked it.   

Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, it was expensive, and of course it is.  Two reasons, I guess - what the market can bear and just simply the lack of buying power or producing power of large corporations.  And growing organic is expensive.  Hey - if I was cashed up, I would shop there all the time for everything.  As it is, I am not, and I just don't have that kind of money.  What I did opt for was to buy the fresh fruit and veg that's higher on the list of pesticide-laden - the dirtiest, if you like based on list such as the EWG Dirty Dozen.  (If you haven't check out their's so bloody great.  Seriously.)  

Therefore, today I got....some capsicum and some celery and also I got zucchini and pears cos they looked yum and I have some recipes in mind.  They're pretty organic - I came across quite a few critters in amongst the celery ribs.  Ewww.

Although I think it's great for Little Miss O to get into healthy eating and be aware of all the good things out there, it's a bit hectic with a 4 year old.  Maybe when she is a bit older and not so easy to lose in a crowd.  I also spent some time trying to find my dad who came back laden with pies and peanut butter.  Sigh.  Also - it's very busy by about 9.30 am.  My next goal?  Early and alone!

See you there.  


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