Samsara Project: Pillowcase to bag upcycling which things pass through states of existence...  

I love upcycling.  I love opshops.  I love upcycling things from opshops.  In this blog, I'm keen to focus on using stuff that you find at opshops as well as stuff that you may have at home that needs another life.   Here, we look at one option for the humble pillowcase.'ve got a pillowcase lying around.  Maybe you've realised that you have way too many linens in your cupboard.  Maybe your mum foisted some on you.  Maybe they don't suit your decor anymore.  Maybe they are a little faded and a tired.  Maybe (like me) you loved the fabric of one at the church opshop one day.  You could give it away to a friend. You could donate it to the opshop.  Or you could make a super cool bag!  YAAAAAAY!

Here's how to do it;

  • Wash and iron your pillowslip
  • Cut 15 cm off the top for handles

  • Cut one of the 15cm piece to make a continuous length and then cut in half widthwise

  • Iron in half, then open up, fold inwards to the crease and iron again

  • Fold in ends and close up fold.  Pin and stitch all the way around

  • Fold top of remaining pillowcase over 2.5cm and press.  Fold over again.  Pin.  Stitch along top and bottom

  • Fold bottom seams into triangles at each end and stitch 2.5cm to make a gusset.

  • Place handles evenly spaced on either side of the opening, pin and stitch.

  • Press again.

And there it is.  And now..the best part...what to do with it?

  • Keep it and use it for the beach or the farmers' market or the library
  • Fill it with breakfast essentials for your neighbours who came back late last night from holiday or some who've just moved in next door
  • Fill it with a cake, wine and flowers for a birthday girl or boy
  • Make a curry or lasagne and pop in a few treats (dark organic chilli chocolate please!) for a friend who's down or sick or just bloody tired
  • Fill it with organic kitchen staples and take it around to a student at uni or a single parent who's struggling or a friend who's just moved house.
What are you going to do with yours?


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