Samsara Project: Christmas upcycling which things pass through states of existence...

Phew.  Christmas and New Year and all that palaver is now over.  It was fun, but I ate too much, drank too much and there were waaaaay too many presents.  I'm already thinking of ways to rethink Christmas for 2015. Meanwhile, let's begin with a little Christmas recycling.

Those of you who have read my else seven blog will know that I love a bit of reusing and that I have absolutely NO shame in collecting, sometimes ironing and reusing wrapping paper. That's right.  AND ribbon.  If you saw how nice some of the stuff my fam uses is and thought about all the stuff that you might have chucked in the bin last Chrisso... be a tightarse.  Recycle it.  Save a tree.  And hell, you even get to take the moral high ground.  Does it get any better?

My first Christmas recycling activity this year has been making Christmas cards.  I got a bit excited about some of the wrapping paper, some of which was too torn to really reuse to wrap gifts, so I am using it to....make cards!  This would make a great activity to get the kids to do during the school holidays too.  To be honest, I'm too much of a control freak and want the design to fit the image in my head, but if you are a little more relaxed than me, go for it. I promise I'll let Little Miss O do some for her friends and so on.

You just need:

Christmas wrap, greetings cards and gift cards
Cardboard cut into postcard size - I collect mine from cereal packets and so on.  I never bother with cards that open - waste of paper in my opinion.

And see - cute little cards.  For free. And 100% recycled.  Result.

And as an added know Christmas cards with cute little motifs stuck on them...I read in the Sydney Morning Herald, so it must be true (HA!), that is one of the jobs done by prisoners in detention centres in China.  Of course not all brands.  Of course not all cards.  I'm just saying...make your own people.

And finally, I know I could send e-cards which would be much more eco friendly than the post.  I know that.  But I'd rather eat my own head.


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