My rubbish bin

Ewww.  Who takes photos of band-aids?  I don't use them often - mainly for blisters, it must be said, but I had a cut on my finger that was being irritated when I was sewing, so I needed to cover it up.  I suppose I could have tied a bit of cloth over it or worn a thimble.  Sometimes, we need to think outside the box, I guess.

Another tomato paste sachet.  

And a cheese wrapper.  

For my birthday, I am giving myself a growler and a tortilla press.  I figured that the growler, to be filled at the Nomad brewery in Brookvale, would be perfect for when I have people over or when I go to someone's place.  I don't think I could drink two litres of beer that fast.  This is good - it means that I might drink less.  I just hope everyone is into beer rather than wine.  Still can't find refillable wine, so I guess I am just going to have to be a beer drinker for now. No biggie.  

 The tortilla press, I figured covered several issues; 1) Can replace tacos with tortilla and thus get rid of the box, wrapping and standing in the oven thingie 2) Can make tortilla without buying it in a packet 3) Can use tortilla instead of wraps for brekky 4) Can use tortilla made to make tortilla chips for nachos, guacamole etc.

Step by step...oooooh baby...going to get to you girrrrrrl.


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