My rubbish bin

And here is what went to landfill this week.  But that is NOT good enough, so I am going to start looking at the things that go in and work out how on earth to keep them out!

OK.  Butter.  Can you compost the paper wrappers?  And what can you do with the foil?  Ideas please!  Anyone know anyone who sells unpackaged butter?

Baking powder I can buy in bulk in the future.  Problem solved.

Sushi is our fave food.  So easy to put in the lunchbox, so easy to make.  Sigh. Where to buy it unpackaged?  Or maybe buy it in bigger quantities so at least the packaging we use it more "worth it".

Textile rubbish.  I make a lot of that.  I could pop the cotton in the compost bin. Or I suppose I could chop it all up into tiny pieces to add to the stuffing.  I am googling all sorts of ideas - found cute cards with fabric bunting stitched on.  A wreath.  Buttons.  I'm going to try to start to bust the scraps as they come along rather than having a huge bag of them.

Bubble wrap.  Normally, I re-use this when posting stuff, but this bit was on the door handle for Little Miss O's head, so it's a bit trashed. 

This is from tomato paste.  I guess I could make my own?

Lid from beer.  Hm.  I could invest in a growler or a squealer.  I could stop drinking beer so much.  I could do beer cap crafts.  (The last one is unlikely.  So is the second one.  Best get me a growler then).

Sticker from Little Miss O's school.  MAN.  I wish they would stop giving them out. idea.  Use it instead of sticky tape at some point, but then I would still have the backing.  Give it back next time I get one?  I guess so.

Jelly crystals.  I totally forgot jelly was not veggo, so I won't be buying it anymore.  I guess I can make my own using agar agar which I can try and find bulk?


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