My rubbish bin

Yep.  Here's a pic of our bin before it went out tonight.  That's what we are sending to landfill this week.  Not bad, although we are only two people, but I am pretty pleased with that effort.  Of course, We can do better, I know we can.  And we will.

Here are some ways we reduce our load:

1) Composting - we are fortunate enough to have a garden and it has two big (disgusting) compost bins.
2) Refusing packaging - we are still working on this one, but we take our own shopping bags, never use those flimsy fruit and veg bags, never buy bottled water (except, I admit, in a dire emergency, which is very, very rare.  Little Miss O always has her water bottle and I often have mine) etc.
3) Recycling - we still do a lot of recycling which is not ideal, but hopefully will lessen as we refuse packaging all together.
4) Not buying stuff.  We haven't bought much stuff at all for the last month and my bank account is loving it. And I am loving my bank account!
5) Upcycling - stuff becomes other stuff!  We use bits of cardboard for art and craft, cards etc.  Small pieces of fabrics cover buttons, etc.


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