My bin

More waste and hopefully, more solutions.

Bag from packet pf pastry mix.  I never use pastry mix but my mum gave this to me before she went away, so I used it to make an apple tart.  Not something I would buy myself, so not of major concern for my bin.

Greaseproof for greasing tart tin.  Maybe I should get a pastry brush instead?  I tried to just use my fingers, and it was a little disastrous.

Wrapper from pot plant.  This was a (very kind and thoughtful and happily received) gift.  I will try not to get pot plants with plastic wrappers as I am thinking of having a few around the house.

Bag from baking weights.  It kept opening and spilling them everywhere, so I popped them in a tupperware.  This is a one-off.

Match.  Hm.  Any better ideas on how to light candles?

A zipper that broke in the sewing process.  I sliced it with the unpicker.  Damn.  Hopefully a one-off too.

Foil from a cake for my birthday.  This was also a gift.  I guess we could pick the cakes without foil next time.

My friend's leftovers. Again - is there some way I can compost dairy etc.?

Leftovers from dinner party.  We had takeaway, which is rare for me.  I recycled most of the containers.  Champagne was a gift too, but I guess until I can find a place that refills wine bottles, I will have to stick to my new growler and beer.

Hangover Twistie packet and plastic wrapping from magazine.  I haven't had Twisties for a loooong time, so I hope this is more of a one-off.  As for the magazine, this was a bit of a rare treat too.  I guess - don't buy Twisties and don't buy magazines?

Foil from???

Plastic from?

My memory stick died, so I pulled it apart.  I guess the moral to this story is treat your memory stick with care.

Double sided tape backing and washi from Little Miss O's school project.  Hmm..tricky one.  I could have stitched it on, I suppose, but it would have been hard.  Glue is packaged too....

Sushi packet - still have not found nori sold loose...

Oh - MAN.  A promotions girl gave these to Little Miss O when I was in a flap at the mall, and they kept her busy while I tried to work out what was wrong with my laptop...They have a lot of sugar.  They are wrapped in plastic.  I would never buy them and next time, I must resist the freebie crap.

Foil wrapper from custard (yum!) and cheese.  Still to find a good local deli counter.  And I guess we just have to rid ourselves of custard in our lives.  Sigh.

Textile waste.  I am collecting scraps, but I guess these could have gone in the stuffing bag, some of them...

Envelope adhesive strips.  Grrr - I hate these.  Make my own envelope time. I have the technology.


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