My bin

Foil packet from crackers.  I don't usually buy crackers - but hey - next time I have visitors, I am going to try this recipe.  I reckon I will be able to get the things I need to make them bulk too.  Hmm - I feel I may need to start searching for jars at Vinnies and making more cloth bags to fill up at the store.

Little Miss O's leftover lunch.  It had fish and dairy in it, so I couldn't compost it.  Not sure how to avoid this kind of waste.... Any ideas?

Wrapper from Greek bread.  Sigh.  I know I am being lazy not making my own pizza bases from scratch.  I suppose I had better get back to it.  Maybe I could make a batch of dough and store it in the freezer ready for use to save time?

Top from packet of wraps.  I can't really make wraps, so maybe I need to switch to different breakfast bed - one that is unpackaged.  Or make tortilla?

Hm.  I can make corn chips from corn tortilla, but they come in a packet too.   Or I could make tortilla from scratch and then make corn chips....

Wrapper from Little Miss O's tabi.  Not something we purchase very often, but still would be good to find unpackaged.  Unlikely, though.

Foil from making garlic bread. Next time, I am going to just stick it on a silicone backing mat and try to cook it like that.  

Textile waste. Got to start my textile bins recycling system (stuffing or re-use for mini projects!)

Tomato paste packet.  Next time I see some tomatoes cheap, I will get some to make my own paste.  

Cheese wrapper.  Still need to source a good deli.

And more textile waste.  Not sure why my hand has come out fluoro red/orange.  Hideous.

I am building a little spreadsheet (oh Excel, my great love!) for all these ideas so I can follow through on them.


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