My bin

Lolly wrapper.  Little Miss O went to a party on the weekend and got a goodie bag.  Not much I can do about this, although I might start turning super weird and at least asking the peeps not to put in the plastic toys.  Please.

More wrapping from the goodie bag - this time, from the plastic toys.

Cheeeeeese. I need to find a decent cheese shop that will cut my cheese and put it in a container rather than wrap it.

Wakame.  Hm.  Tricky. We love to eat it and it is good for us.  Where to find loose wakame, people?

Noodles packet.  I am going to have to start making them myself from scratch, I guess.

Wine lid. I can find places to fill a growler - mostly in hipster areas where I do not live, so I am going to be a bit limited for beer to put in my growler (probably a good thing!)..but I have seen one on the Northern Beaches that I might give a try once I check if I can bring my own stainless steel growler... but wine, wine, where to get wine?

Wrapping from Little Miss O's cotton under kimono.  Hm.  How to avoid?  I guess I could make my own?  Or try to find one with no packaging?

Textile scraps.  Got to start up that textile scrap bin...

Broken pin.  I already have a solution to this one - don't buy crappy cheap pins that fall apart.

Goodie bag.  Sigh.  Little Miss O loves them and they are de rigueur at parties.  Am going to have to think upon this one. 

Foil from chocolate.  Ohhh - chilli chocolate, I love you.  Hm.  Maybe buy individual chocolates?  Find some that is not foil wrapped? Not eat chocolate anymore?  (Agggggghhh!)

Cellophane from pasta box.  As mentioned with the soba, I am going to start trying to make my own pasta/noodles from scratch.  Wish me luck.

Spinach bag.  Easy - buy the loose spinach and put it in my cloth bag.  The other day at the supermarket, they didn't have it, so I had to buy it packaged.  Grrr.

Smoked salmon bag.  My friend smokes her own salmon and it is amazing, so I might try that next time.  Get the fishmonger to put the salmon in my own container and smoke it at home?  We would just then have to eat a lot of smoked salmon dishes for a while.  Ha.

Cling wrap.  Waaaaaah.  I use this about twice a year!  This time, I used it to seal off a jelly pudding I was making in the fridge.  I suppose I need to invest in an airtight late container - maybe a glass one with a plastic lid?  Not perfect, but better, right?


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