Money's too tight to mention: Rockin'!

(Please excuse the bombardment of posts, it's the first opportunity I have had for a bit...)

My cousin and I were walking home the other day, and we found this little beauty abandoned and broken and all dried out and crusty on the side of the road.  

AH-HA!  I thought.  Not only can I be addicted to doilies and bad crochet, but I can have a rocking chair too for the full grandma effect.  My darling cousin took it home for me (seriously, what a legend!) and I washed it down, sanded it a bit, oiled it a lot and glued the bits back on.... of course, made some cushions and whipped out my awesome granny rug.  Not sure if it is cushioned-up enough yet, though.  I have also re-discovered the beauty of chai, so I might spoil myself, venture into the Indian store to get spices and make some so I can sit in my chair, rock, knit and drink tea and listen to Nina Simone.  Fantastic.  Night.  In.


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