Food minimalism

Sometimes, it's hard to be good.  We can't go to the markets/bulk store tomorrow because Little Miss O has a scooter date (we also picked that instead of going to protest about the tampon tax in Martin Place tomorrow, sorry guys!), but we desperately needed food!  So - off we walked to the supermarket.  Sigh.  We did go to the local bakery for our bread, though.

I also tried to minimise packaging - the lady at the checkout was admiring my fruit and veg bags.  They are rather lovely, if I do say so myself, but they do add extra weight at the checkout.  Ah well, got to give a little, hey?  Hopefully, that will keep us going for the next week.  There's too much plastic in there though...too much packaging in general, so I really have to get to the bulk store at either Manly or Mona Vale pronto.

We have been going really well at reducing our pantry down, even if we had to make some non-organic non-bulk purchases.  Sigh.  I am trying.  I really am.  Not hard, enough, I know, but I will get there.  I will have a locally sourced, bulk bought, zero waste seasonal food supply going soon.  I WILL.

That's the pantry before we went shopping this morning.  Yep - it's one shelf.  It's always one shelf.  The cooking oils are near the stove, but that's all we have...and I intend to reduce it further, as mentioned - strip it right back and make it totally organic/fair trade/local etc.  I actually would like to be able to have the oils etc. in there too so that my bench is more clear.  It's my dream.  A humble dream, but's mine.


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