Five minute eco: Bums

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Bums, eh?  A source of great amusement for four year olds, that's for sure.  They're very useful  - for sitting on, dancing with and for eliminating waste.  And they need to be wiped.  I am going to be honest, I am just not dark green enough to have re-useable toilet sheets, I am sorry.  I really, really am not.  So, I did some research and I think this is the next best option available.


1) An Australian company
2) Gives 50% of profits to aid in the provision of clean water and toilets (this is what they claim, so I am hoping it's the honest truth).
3) Recycled paper
4) Fragrance, dye, chlorine-free
5) Paper wrapped


1) Made in China.  All the recycled loo roll I have researched is though.  I would love to hear of anyone who is making it in Australia.
2) Not coreless.  Come on people - cordless is possible.  I have seen it!  I have purchased it.  In Japan, admittedly, but it can be done.


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