Sewing for kids: Bags ahoy!

Am on a bit of a sewing roll at the moment.  All those delicious fabrics that Little Miss O and I selected in Japan are not going to sit in my cupboard for eternity - they are going to be put to use as soon as possible.  Got off to a good start over the past couple of days with some bits and pieces....

When we left Japan, I felt so sad about so many things, so I didn't take some things because I didn't want the memory of them.  That included the bags I sewed for Little Miss O to take to school.  I gave them away.  Last semester, she had some things that I cobbled together as I was in a hurry and in a bit of a fug but which have since got a bit battered and are headed for the rag bag soon, I think. So, I thought I would do her the service of making her a decent and proper set of accessories for school.  I went for a look that I am calling "psychedelic folk."


Library bag/Japanese school document bag

Lunch box carrier....

....with Hello Kitty buttons....

..and which opens out to a placemat.

Recess bag.


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