Food minimalism

So -you know - my quest for a more simple life continues to go off track a bit from time to time, so I am going to try a new series of projects.  I take a few steps forward, then one or two back, so I am inching there slowly.

My eating is really bad at the moment. I have never been a mindful eater..more of an inhaler and I seem to be getting worse.  I'm not keen on overloading my body with food and although I don't eat that badly, I want to make healthier choices especially as an example for Little Miss O as well as totally reducing my food bill and eliminating food waste completely. I'd also like to eliminate packaging as well from my food purchases.

SO.  The first thing I am going to do is eat my pantry up.  With the exception of a birthday dinner that I have promised to cook for a friend, I am not going to buy any dry goods until my pantry is cleared out or fridge-y/freezer-y things like frozen fruit, honey etc.  Obviously, fresh foods are important, so I will be getting fruit and veg and a bit of dairy etc.

Once it is all cleared out (and I am allowed to give things away - cacao nibs anyone?  Ewwww.), then, I am going to rethink the way I shop.  There's going to be no more supermarkets (except in emergencies!) and as little packaging as possible.  I will be buying less.  Once I get an ingredient, I will have to use it up as soon as possible rather then letting it languish in the cupboard for months.  If that means porridge every breakfast for three weeks, so be it.

This will hopefully mean that as I am going to be having less, it will be easier for me to focus on/afford buying organic as much as possible as well as packaging free, BPA-free, palm oil free, cruelty-free and vegan/vegetarian etc. etc.  Ethical. fair trade, seasonal.  Bring it all ON.

 I am never going to be a green smoothie type of person, but I think I will see improvements.


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