Cushion crazy

There seem to be endless little projects going on around my cosy little home at the moment.  Finally got some foam for what Little Miss O calls "the wishing chair" and managed to cover it! I used a technique where I made a bag for it and then did the corners as if I was doing a gusset on a  tote bag.  It was a bit fiddly as there was a lot of pinning and stitching to get a neat fit.

And then it needed cushions.  Of course.  I have some kind of cushion obsession - although I refuse to be one of those people who have 18 decorative cushions on their beds that they have to take off every night before sleeping.  I have one.  It has pineapples on it.  It was essential to make it.

So - this afternoon, when I could have been labouring over making a powerpoint presentation deluxe for my uni course, I chose to have a life and make cushions, listen to music, help out my neighbour and hang with my daughter instead.  My ppt looks shite, but meh.  The powerpoint moment will pass, my relationship with my daughter and my desire to create will not.  :)

I used a cool tea towel I got at the church opshop to add some yellow as it was a little sombre on the chair cushion (cute fabric bought in Japan) and then I salvaged another cushion that I got at another ophshop for a dollar and gave it the necessary love that it needed to accompany it.  I have a  third circular cushion in mind, but I need to get some stuffing.  And then that is ENOUGH.  I promise.


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