Packing list for Japan: Other

And so the packing continues;

Based on my observations from last time, I am taking the following;

" I am glad I didn't pack any books as I didn't have to carry them.  Read books that are left at hostels, holiday lets or pick up some cheap ones secondhand and then pass them on." This time, I am going to have a lot of nights to myself after I have put Little Miss O to bed, so I have brought some books to read.  These are all opshop books, so I will be book-crossing them, if possible, or donating them to the library.

"My backpack handbag situation was practical but a bit dorky. Being hands free was great and my shoulders were never sore, so a day pack is really ideal, but look for one that has a bit of style.  Also - be careful of a backpack in crowded situations."  I thought about getting a new backpack, but then again, I thought...naaaaah.  So - the backpack rides again.  Can't fault it for capacity and ease of movement and I am ALL about ease of movement.

"I didn't keep a travel journal, so there was no need to carry one. Keep a digital journal or let your photos tell the story." I am taking a different journal - planning to do some research for some things I have in mind for the near future.

"Travelling with Little Miss O, I didn't use my iPod or headphones once.  Think about when and where you will use gadgets before you pack them."  Am definitely not taking my iPod or headphones this time, but will have my iPad for blogging, keeping in touch with home, yoga classes and so on.  

"My water bottle leaked, and I didn't use my keep cup.  In future, I need to find a better quality bottle and be more insistent about using my keep cup.  It's important to try to be eco-friendly even when on the move, but take ones that work well!"  I have a better water bottle now and am determined to use my KeepCup this time.  Every time.

"I am glad I took my roll up shopping bag - it saved on a lot of plastic bags and also came in handy for things such as packing dirty washing."  Taking more shopping bags this time - great for picnics, dirty laundry, flea markets, supermarket shopping...etc.

Picnic rolls - we can carry our napkins and cutlery around with us to save on disposables.  Also doubles as a little picnic/placemat

Shopping bags.  From laundry to flea markets - these are damn useful little numbers

Reading materials for those nights in hotels when Little Miss O has gone to sleep

Cash, passports etc.

An eye mask for my always laughable attempt at sleeping on the plane

My writing folder as I owe some letters to people

Reading material for the plane

My watercolour sketchbook

My watercolours and watercolour pen

Watercolour paper postcards - I plan to paint my own postcards but then again, it may not happen

Trusty daypack

My journal/notebook for  my current idea

iPad Mini


Swiss army knife.  Last time, I noted that I wish I had taken one, so I am taking one to see if I really did wish I had taken one.  If that makes sense! Can you believe that this one came out of the recycling bins at our old place in Tokyo?


Water bottle

2 x hankies

Not pictured are my umbrella as it is currently drying out in the bathroom, the chargers for the electrical equipment and my coffee plunger as I need to have proper coffee every morning. Princess.


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