Packing list for Japan: The clothes

Little Miss O and I are off to Japan for three weeks so she can see her J-family.  She's very excited for it, but I am feeling very ambivalent and trying to focus on friends, sushi and fabrics.  Anyway - we are going, so I have to pack!  Have got my clothes sorted, so here they are.  Am trying to learn from my last packing experience;

1) I took too many trousers/the wrong kind of trousers.  This time I am just taking a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of culottes.  I have leggings to wear on the plane as well as yoga pants and for lounging around the house or to wear if it is too chilly.

4) I took too many pairs of shoes.  Last time, I wore Converse mostly and sometimes sandals.  This time I am taking Converse, sandals and evening sandals as I will go out a bit at night, I hope.  I HOPE.

5) I didn't do any exercise, so I didn't need exercise clothes.  This time, I have some singlets that I wear to bed as well as my leggings, so I will be able to do yoga every morning or evening.  I think I will manage it this time because it's just Little Miss O and I, so none to laugh at me or rush me out the door!

What's not shown - 2 x white singlets, 2 x bras, 4 x undies, 3 x socks.  I reckon these pieces will cover a variety of weather and a variety of occasions.  Of course, I will be posting outfit posts and also stay tuned to see what else is being packed - accessories, cabin baggage and other.


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