Packing list for Japan: The accessories

Morning, dear readers.  As promised, here is my post on the accessories that I am taking to Japan.  Just a little caveat here, which I am about to ignore - don't take your fancy expensive jewellery especially if you are staying in shared accommodation.  It's just not worth the worry.  In fact, despite the fact that I am going to completely counter that advice by taking my pretty jewellery, don't take any fancy jewellery at all.  Travel should be as hassle free as possible - that is the point, right?  Freeee...on the road...wandering....wondering.... not thinking - oh shite, I left my diamond ring on the side of the sink in the shared bathroom.  No, no, no.

Having said that - hahaah - I am not going to be sharing bathrooms this time, and I am hoping I have learnt to check things before I leave (eherm...). After my Europe trip last year, I noted this about my jewellery:

"I took too much jewellery.  I hardly wore any of it - only the rings and sometimes the bottle necklace.  The evening jewellery and all the earrings didn't get a look in.  Keep it simple, maybe just one necklace or pair of earrings to make an outfit more "evening-ish.""  

So this time, I am wearing my day jewellery and then taking just one necklace for evening wear.  

A necklace to brighten up the neckline of my t-shirts and tops.

My favourite ring that I wear all the time.

My other favourite ring that I wear often.

Stud earrings - basically the only earrings I wear  - must do a packing party on my jewellery one of these days.

A pretty bracelet to make my plain clothes a bit more interesting.

My giant bling in case I get to go out at night.

Sunnies - de rigeur.

Best and most fave handbag of all time - simple, hands free, capacious yet small and has a zipper to close it.

A scarf for chillier days, to protect my neck from the sun and to spruce up my plain clothes.

A belt to keep my pants up!

A hat to keep the sun off my face when walking/cycling around.

Most of these, I will be wearing on the plane and so the rest will take up very minimal space in my luggage.  Hoorah.


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