Odd little iPod holder

Not so much time for blogging lately - just finished off three assignments and Little Miss O has been home sick.  Aggh.  Zero Waste activities are chugging along at the same speed - I went to the Manly Co-op the other day, and it got me very excited as a potential shopping venue.  Woohoo.

Anyway, was faffing around today with my iPod today and making my old Nano into an iPod for Little Miss O so she can have her Sound of Music, Gilbert and Sullivan, Mozart and Japanese lessons etc.  all on her own unit.  And so I thought...hmm...MY iPod needs a holder to keep it cosy and safe in my bag when I take it around - especially as it holds my entire music collection.  Gulp.

So, I made one.  It's kind of dorky....but it's super padded and has a very textural gold button on it.  And is fully lined with fabulous floral fabric.

I think I probably have said this before, but DAMN I love to make things.


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