Keep me away from op shops!

...they are too full of delightful things...

Little Miss O and I popped into our fave church opshop this morning and as usual, managed to find things that we could not resist.  Mostly books.  Little Miss O also spotted some baby fabric which she insisted I buy for the impending new arrival (Not mine.  I repeat, not mine).  Not really to my taste, but lovely and soft, so I think I will make little flannel/gauzey wash cloths for the little bubba from those fabrics - flannel on one side, light cotton on the other and some cute bias binding to finish them off.

That blue fabric is so very....bad 70s harem and it's flannel!  All shiny and gold on the outside and cosy fluffy flannel-y on the inside.  YES!  I am going to make myself a pair of harem-esque cosy lounge pants from it.

A 50c record to test the record player my friend is very kindly giving me .  More books for my bedside library.  We have discussed this before. Yes, I know about the library and I do use it, but for novels, I prefer to have a stash that I can keep around, choose from, throw in my bag, fold the pages down on and then pass on to my friends.  I also found a Kikki K happiness journal which looks kind of interesting - might make a bit of a project for the next month or so - help me get more grounded and sorted?  Who knows?

And a frame - and I already popped in Little Miss O's marvellous drawing she gave me - ready for the next gallery wall which is going to be in my bedroom eventually... I might put a plain background in - or actually get a proper mounting card.  Anyway - at least it is nice and protected under glass for now.


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