Free sewing

Just getting into a bit of a sewing groove now that my first semester of uni has finished (thank GOD!) and I am on holidays for a month or so.  Woohooo!  Am really putting pedal to the metal and plan to churn through a whole lot of little projects I have cut out. PLUS there's a baby on the way (Not mine.  Also thank GOD!) which calls for a LOT of sewing.  I plan to make the ultimate baby basket.  YES!

And when I am sitting alone at my machine in my cosy lounge room with the music on and I am comfortable and warm and happy, I think how lucky I am that I am not working in a sweatshop for long hours in unsafe conditions and getting paid a pittance.  So very, very lucky.  And I feel how I must try harder and stick to making my own and buying second hand and fair trade and organic and sustainable clothing and hope that by using my power as a consumer to try (and I still need to improve, I assure you!) to make a difference.  Goodness knows, I slip up often - only yesterday was I shopping for gifts and ended up with stuff that is not ethical.  Sigh.  I am not infallible.

But I think it only takes planning and information to NOT make these mistakes.  And I must try harder to be more organised and to plan more and to make sure I am supporting what I believe in 100%.  ALL THE TIME.


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