Another travel lesson

Oh, how slowly I learn. But anyway, my revelations today were pack dark coloured clothes in fabrics that do not need ironing. Silk/cotton mix washes and dries well and does not look too crinkly but linen is bollocks. Of course, that should have been obvious to me. I am also still wearing jeans every day. Don't think I will outdo the Levi's boss who never washes his, but am doing quite well.

And as usual, travelling has left me musing about a life much simpler. We are living out of a daypack and a kids' rolly suitcase for our clothes etc. and it is fine. Marvellous in fact. Am hand washing our stuff every day. Not wearing make up. Eating simple meals of baguette for brekky, sushi or noodles for lunch and a salad for dinner. Everything is so easy.  We sat for a while gazing over a zen garden and it made me feel so peaceful again.

And then I started thinking, what if my life were that simple? What if I only had a couple of outfits, shopped and ate for the day, took long walks and contemplated life over a cold beer? What if I never went into a store again...well, almost never again? I would feel so damn free.

I want to turn my life upside down. I really do. I want to give myself permission to be free.


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