Zero Waste Every Day

I screwed up today - went to the supermarket without my spinach and mushroom bags.  I think that being zero waste is going to take a lot of planning and forethought, and I am cool with that.  I just have to keep hammering on and making every zero waste move a habit.  I am going to have to plan my grocery shopping more carefully - I should be planing it around bulk food stores and farmers' markets but eherm...I am not at present.  I keep planning to go, and then it keeps RAINING.  There's a Friday market at Warriewood/Narrabeen and then the bulk food store is just up the road at Mona Vale, so it would be perfect....but yeah.  Not as yet.

Wrapped a prezzie for my sis-in-law today using re-used paper and ribbon  - and one of the cards I made the other day.  Looks all right, doesn't it?  What I think would also be great and which I must do once my wrapping paper stash starts to die (it's mostly Christmas stuff in there now) is gather pretty scarves at Vinnie's or wherever and wrap my prezzies in those.  That'd be rather charming.  Of course, giving no gifts would save on wrapping too, but I do like gift giving.  Sometimes.

Should go and write my essay, but I am getting a bit overexcited about seeing Morrissey tomorrow night. People, I tell you, it's like having tickets to the Rapture.  No joke.


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